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Kawyashekara Maha Kavya Thotagamuwea Shri Raahula Himipaanan Visin Rachanaa Karana Ladha Sarala Sinhala Kavyaartha Visthara Ha Padagatharthayangen Samanwitha Nawa Sasankaranaya

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Kawyashekhara is a poetic work of 15 cantos. It is said to have been written at the invitation of Ulakudaya a queen in ancient Sri Lanka. Venerable Totagamuve Sri Rahula Thera’s intention was to enrich the queen’s Buddhist knowledge. Based on tale in the Jataka book a literary treatise describing the Buddha’s previous births the work celebrates his wisdom. The Jataka tale titled as Sattubhatta offers a vivid picture on how the Bodhisatva the Buddha - to - be mesmerised his family and well wishers with his amazing wisdom. Venerable Rahula Thera makes use of the situations to describe the major events of the Jataka tales in lucid Sinhala with rich similes and metaphors. Liyanaarachchi’s edition provides the reader with connotations as well as annotations to each verse.
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ByR. A. Liyanarachchi
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