1. Gotabhaya
    Special Price Rs.900.00 Regular Price Rs.1,000.00
  2. The Midnight Gang
    Special Price Rs.788.00 Regular Price Rs.985.00
  3. Raveendrarthadeepanee
    Special Price Rs.1,080.00 Regular Price Rs.1,350.00
  4. Gautama Buddha
    Special Price Rs.880.00 Regular Price Rs.1,100.00
  5. Charlie Saha Aruma Puduma Veeduru Sopanaya
    Special Price Rs.312.00 Regular Price Rs.390.00


  1. Gold Platinum Silver Color Bangles and Rings Bracelet
    Special Price Rs.922.50 Regular Price Rs.1,845.00
  2. Gold Color Kissing Swans Pendant with Sparkling White Crystals and Chain
    Special Price Rs.576.00 Regular Price Rs.960.00
  3. Exquisite Cultured Pearl Necklace
    Special Price Rs.1,377.50 Regular Price Rs.2,755.00
  4. Purple and Maroon Bead Threads Grand Necklace
    Special Price Rs.1,122.50 Regular Price Rs.2,245.00
  5. Brow and Orange Shades Acrylic Droplet and Brown Soft Fabric Grand Necklace
    Special Price Rs.807.00 Regular Price Rs.1,345.00

Toys & Games

  1. Panther Battle Chess
    Special Price Rs.621.00 Regular Price Rs.690.00
  2. Panther Ayojana Board Game
    Special Price Rs.684.00 Regular Price Rs.760.00
  3. Panther Magnatic Letters
    Special Price Rs.625.50 Regular Price Rs.695.00


  1. Panther Document Holder Blue Circles
    Special Price Rs.361.25 Regular Price Rs.425.00
  2. Panther A5 Diary Notebook Princess
    Special Price Rs.272.00 Regular Price Rs.320.00
  3. Panther A5 Diary Notebook Feather
    Special Price Rs.272.00 Regular Price Rs.320.00
  4. Panther 4 inch Magazine Holder Red Circle
    Special Price Rs.255.00 Regular Price Rs.300.00
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