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Jathakatta Katha Kulaawaka Warrgaya

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Jathaka Katha as implies by its name is an annotated edition of some selected Jathaka stories. The editor for this edition selects five Jathaka stories namely Kulawaka Jathakaya Wattaka Jathakaya Thiththiya Jathakaya Baka Jathakaya and Khadirangara Jathakaya. At the opening preface and introduction the editor produces an explanatory & enlightens analysis on the History of Pali Allakatha and its gradual evaluation for the benefit of scholars and advanced students. The selected five Jathaka stories in Pali verses are followed by word for word paraphrase translation in Sinhala. The editions objective an presenting this annotated edition of five Jathaka stories to provide opportunity to the reader to understand the preaching’s of Lord Gauthama Buddha and the contemporary religious activities in simple and intelligible form.
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By Ven. Thumbulle Siri Dhammananda Nahimi
Language Pali, Sinhala
Pages 136
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555708104
Vendor Code SMB336
Dimensions 22.5x15x1 cm
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