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Hansa Sandesaya

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The Hansa Sandesaya written by Most Venerabale Weedagama Mythraeya Maha Thera translated to English. The historical message poem sent by Buddhist monk Most Venerable Weedagama Mythrae Maha Thero during Kingdom of Kotte Sri Lanka in 15th Century. The swan a bird considered as a symbol of purity and fault free beauty and also a bird skilled in selective of virtuous from immoral was entrusted the task of taking a message to Venerable Vanarathana Maha Thero of Pathmavatie Pirivena Keragala.Venerable Vanarathana is requested to make an appeal to Gods Uppalavanna Sumana Saman Skanda Kumara and Vibhishana to provide protection to the King Parakrama Bahu VI of Kingdom of Kotte in Sri Lanka against all types of enemy action and ensure happiness prosperity and long life. By way of giving directions to the Swan the poet displays his skills in many descriptions of places persons and natural phenomena. This edition is rich with exhaustive explanatory notes that would serve as useful aids to the study of the as well as a guide to a deeper appreciate of how the poet has used his in the artistic expression of his creative imagination.
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By Ven. Weedagama Mythraeya Mahimi
Translator E. L. S. Dharmatilaka
Language English
Pages 72
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555706988
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