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Diriye Agaya

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A merchant lived during the reign of the King Bhrachmadatta of Baranasi in India. Together with his co - workers the Merchant transport his merchandize in carts for sale. Once the merchant and his workers had to travel through a dessert land for their trade but lost their way and all water they had brought for drinking purpose was over. Every one tried to find water source in and around without any successes. Knowing they are lost in the dessert every one became extremely worried and agitated. But merchant did not give up and continued to search for water. Then identifying a dried dessert plant he dig deep next to it and found water making all his co - workers happy. Later they reached their destination successfully.
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By Mahinda Palitharatne
Language Sinhala
Pages 12
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9555702136
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