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Dhammapadatta Katha Wanarathna Vyakya Yamaka Vaggo 1 Chakkupalathera Vaththu 2 Mattakundalee Vaththu 3 Thullathissathera Vaththu 4 Kalilyakkiniya Vaththu 5 Kosambaka Vaththu Pela Sannaya Parikatha Viyarnha Sahithai

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Consisted with first five (05) stories belonged to “Yamaka Wagga” this book provides literal meanings commentaries and grammatical explanations on Gathas of Dhamma Padaya which is a sanctified book about the doctrine of Lord Gauthama Buddha. The spiritual & philosophical qualities of Dhamma Padaya use of similes and metaphors socio - cultural characteristics of then society are reflected by this book. The grammatical and linguistic aspects of Dhamma Padaya are well clarified. With appropriate Sinhala word/s to original Pali word this book enables the apprentices to understand and broaden the knowledge of Pali language.
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ByRanjith Wanarathna
LanguagePali, Sinhala
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Dimensions18.5x12.5x1 cm
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