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Daham Danumata Athwalak

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According to Sinsapa Sutta the Buddha’s teachings cannot be condensed or abridged. Sinsapa is a name given to Etteriya tree (Murraya paniculata). The Buddha once took a handful of Etteriya leaves and inquired his retinue of monks which bundle is larger - the leaves on his hand or the rest of the etteriya leaves. The monks gave the obvious reply that the rest of the etteriya leaves amounts to be larger than those in the Buddha’s hand. The Buddha made use of that occasion to say that what he taught is much littler than what is left to be taught. The Buddhists get to listen or read Dhamma almost everyday. But some Dhamma factors are not quite easy to remember. Indra Weeraman makes fruitful attempt to present the Buddha’s teachings in a way that anyone can easily and remember. This book is well worth reading and an asset in the Buddhist learners’ library.
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By Indra Weeraman
Language Sinhala
Pages 506
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555707084
Vendor Code SMB288
Dimensions 22.5x15x2.5 cm
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