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Sanna Sahitha Pali Thupawansaya

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The Buddhist shrines are a common sight in Sri Lanka. The most famous shrine is Ruvanveli seya. The Pali Thupavansaya is written to pay reverence to the Ruvanveli Seya which was built during King Dutugemunu’s period (from 161 BC to 137 BC). Thupavansa in Sinhala means the chronicle of the Buddhist shrines. Venerable Piyarathana Thera’s compilation offers a glossarial interpretation to the Sinhala translation of Pali Thupavansa. The work has also influenced a Sinhala version though it is not a direct translation. The Thupavansa gives a comprehensive picture on Ruvanveli Seya and other major shrines in Sri Lanka.
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By Ven. Wegama Piyarathana Nahimi
Language Pali, Sinhala
Pages 405
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555707664
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