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Piruwanapoth Wahanse Hardbound

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Suththra delivered by Lord Gauthama Buddha were documented by the members of Maha Sanga (Buddhist clergy) in various forms. Among these documents “Suthra Desana” is venerated by Buddhist all over the world. “Piruwana Poth Wahanse” supremely documented edition by Venerable Aththudawe Rahula contains majority of such Suthra Desanas in Pali language followed by a word for word paraphrase and supported by the construed Sinhala translation and additional annotations where necessary and relevant. This book opens with an enlightening preface by an eminent scholar a doyen of classical Sinhala literature most Venerable Kamburupitiye Wanarathana. Other than the “Suththras” the background information including the customary procedures to be followed at a place where “Pirith” is chanted are presented for the benefit of Buddhists.
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By Ven. Aththudawe Siri Rahula Nahimi
Language Pali, Sinhala
Pages 380
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9555700524
Vendor Code SMB01A
Dimensions 25.5x19.5x2.5 cm
Weight 0.81 Kg
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