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Hithopadesha Shri Sumangala Abbinawa Vyakhyawa Suhurrdhbheda Katha Sangrahaya

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Quite noted in both west and east Hithopadesha is a compendium of fables in prose as well as verse. This work written in Sanskrit was originally meant for young princes. There is no clear mention of its author except for its final stanzas. The verse mentions ‘Narayana’ who penned the work under the sponsorship of King Dhavalachandra. But that authorship is also not clear. It is also difficult to trace the exact period when this work was written. The book refers quotations from the works written in the 8th century. Although very much similar to Panchatantra the Hithopadesha has a unique writing style. In compiling Hithopadesha the author’s objective was to encourage fluency in Sanskrit expression and proper behaviour. The author brings out various tales of birds human and beasts. Ven Sumangala Thera’s compilation contains the original Sanskrit script of Hitopadesha preceded by the Sinhala translation. The compilation also features a word - to - word translation for the better understanding of a Sanskrit student.
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By Ven. Pahamune Sri Sumangala Nahimi
Language Sanskrit, Sinhala
Pages 68
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9555700850
Vendor Code SMB189
Dimensions 22x14x1 cm
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