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Dhamma Pada Wanarathna Vyakya - Siwuweni Kaandaya 19 - 26 Warga

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Dhammapada is a Canonical work of Pali verse identified by scholars at “the most succinct expression of Buddha’s teaching found in the Pali Canon and the chief spiritual Testament of Early Buddhism”. The Editor has produced four volumes specially designed as students editions targeted for use in pirivenas. The text is in Pali verse and is supported by the standard exegetical details. Conforming to the standard pattern each verse is provided with four explanatory Items. Paraphrase in Sinhala supplementary details, grammatical explanations and background episodes (Nidana katha) which are necessary since the verses are words of the Lord Gauthama Buddha delivered to an audience. The background episodes are summarized from the commentary. The editions are equally useful as Buddhist Devotees ‘Handbooks.
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By Ven. Induragare Dhammapala Himi
Language Pali, Sinhala
Pages 267
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9555701415
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Dimensions 21.5x14.5x1.5 cm
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