Poth Hora

Theft has been considered a grave since times immemorial. It was looked down in almost every sacred scripture. Parents do have a big role in discouraging the children from the theft. The Poth Hora is written to indicate how parental influence matters in upbringing virtues in children. The protagonist of Poth Hora for example is led to stealing due to lack of guidance by his mother. Wimalawansasurya narrates how his mother silently encourages her son into advanced form of thievery. Any parent or elder who looks for morally rich creative works, would find interesting reading material in Poth Hora.
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By I. B. Wimalawansasooriya
Translator N/A
Pages 8
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555707282
Vendor Code SMS023
Dimensions 30x21x0.5 cm
Weight 0.1 Kg
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