Kandu Mudune Sonduru Niwasa

Little House on a Rocky Ridge, written by Roger Lea MacBirde is translated to Sinhala. Love affection, attachments, joys and sorrow of Rose did not go beyond the boundaries of her small world in which the only living entities appeared to be her father, mother, grandfather and her grandmother and pet dog, Nero. Rose was a seven year old girl. The death of Nero shattered her heart, leaving with her only the fervent hope of getting a puppy as a present from her parents. The gift she got was not a puppy, but a journey to a new home in new surroundings. This touching story takes the reader along with Rose whatever be the age, in her journey to find a new home in Missouri. As she travels with her parents Rose goes on adding new experiences, widening her horizons. The story captures her growth to maturity emotionally, morally and spiritually. It is absorbing from the beginning to the end makes the reader feeling the green valley breathing fresh air.
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By Roger Lea MacBride
Translator Chithra Amarasekara
Pages 216
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555705936
Vendor Code SMN067
Dimensions 23x15x2 cm
Weight 0.25 Kg
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