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Bhawa Sanna Sahitha Prathya Shathakaya

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The Pratya Shatakaya is a collection of 100 Pali verses. The book is believed to have been written by a sage, as it does not have direct authorship. The verses offer philosophical insights into life. Some verses offer advices to lead a saintly life. For instance, the verses encourage virtues such as patience and generosity. Patience, as the verses indicate, is important for improving knowledge. Another verse identifies noble men as a group who do not think serious about the wrongs done to them. The current edition contains the Pali stanza followed by its Sinhala meaning. The slim volume is interesting for anyone interested in leading an ideal lifestyle.
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Language Pali, Sinhala
Pages 20
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555705929
Vendor Code SMB33
Dimensions 22x14x0.5 cm
Weight 0.06 Kg
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