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Bauddha Darshanaya Saha Sanskruthiya

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This book embodies a scholarly dissertation on two facets of Buddhism that has been identified by research and scientific analysis namely Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Culture. While Buddha Dhamma was presented to the world as a pathway for release from suffering it has a fertile ground for scholars to develop many ideologies that accord with the norms of the modern Science. Philosophy and Culture are two such fields. The section in Buddhist Philosophy covers all seminal aspects of Lord Gauthama Buddha’s teaching. The cardinal doctrines of Buddhist thought including dependent Origination Karma Anatta and Buddhist Epistemology while the section on Buddhist Culture presents an analytical study of Buddhist Culture Covering basic moral doctrines ethical teachings and social philosophy. The study is the outcome of intensive research supported by relevant quotations and references. The study reveals analytical interpretations of doctrines intended for a moral purpose to meet the standards of modern perspective study.
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By Chandima Wijebandara,H. M. Moratuwagama
Language Sinhala
Pages 276
Publisher Samayawardhana
ISBN 9789555705707
Vendor Code SMB260
Dimensions 22.5x15x1.5 cm
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